The first version of this post got lost in the WordPress twilight zone. Great one-liners gone forever. So alas … I start over … Maybe two weeks before South Beach Spring Break Birthday 2017, planning commenced. I initially was interested in a trip to Miami because Erin was already going to be there with her […]

Oh boy!! Yesterday charts the end of a brief period of revelry, rapid-fire decision-making, and intense family and friend time. Yesterday my sister got married to my new brother. Today starts their first day of a lifetime of revelry, rapid-fire decision-making, and intense family and friend time.  Tyeise and Daryl,  Pat and I wish you the […]

We’ve lived in Philly for almost 9 full years. Philly has been good to us. We’ve furthered our careers, we’ve made great friends, gotten closer to family and each other. But no matter how much Philly has become our home, NY will always be our first and only true love. Nothing will ever change that. […]

2014 has been LOONG!! Gruelingly long. Many days have been lovely, and many days have been hard. Pat and I have had long work days, long travel, long workouts, long fights – with each other and everyone else. We’ve pushed each other to the brink, hoping we’d be better for it. We’ve pushed our friends […]

The best most moist square red velvet with fluffy cream cheese frosting cupcake that Baltimore has to offer. The Hill Cafe was our second choice on a warm day in August and yet it is now my first. Thanks Bmore and thanks Lukie Pookie for giving me a reason to visit!

So believe it or not, Pat and I do vacation separately. My dear friend of 12+ years, Janey, and I decided a year ago that we needed a lady’s trip. For the last couple of years, we have spent a summer weekend at Rehobeth Beach. We wanted something new. I had suggested visiting the “big […]

We knew that Pat wanted to spend his bday away. We just did not know where. Cold, hot? Europe, Caribbean? In the end, due to work deadlines and flight availability, we showed up to the airport on Pat’s birthday with our bags packed for San Juan, PR … The Shining Star … as the old […]

Pat and I, by the grace of God, made it to NOLA before the thundersnow of 2/13/14 touched Philadelphia. He left first in order to meet his team because NOLA was obviously a work trip. I was there to celebrate Vday and try not to spend too many days apart. The weather was both a […]

Happy New Year Fellow Treat Trekkers! On this first week of 2014, we look forward to a year of living passionately and bravely. Days filled with good people and treats. We start 2014 with our compass pointed toward family – first bringing in the new year with my PA cousins and then heading to YYZ […]

At Hotel Tannenhof, we get breakfast with muesli, flaxseeds, prunes, fruit, many cereals, sunflower seeds, Brie, hibiscus tea, fresh breadS, soft boiled eggs, and select cold cuts. The budget-conscious Swiss are eating better than Americans that’s for sure. Pat and I tasted the eggs but couldn’t finish them. We’re not much for runny yolks, sorry. […]