Another year another flight

Happy New Year Fellow Treat Trekkers!

On this first week of 2014, we look forward to a year of living passionately and bravely. Days filled with good people and treats. We start 2014 with our compass pointed toward family – first bringing in the new year with my PA cousins and then heading to YYZ to celebrate with Pat’s Canadian cousins.

From our favorite seats on USair (gotten because someone was kind enough to swap with one of us, and no, USair does not pay us to say anything nice) we thank you 2013 for every lesson and every treat, and we say goodbye. We’re making room for something new.

Note: our 11th anniversary was spent enduring a 3hr delay, 1hr of which we were sardined on a little plane on a Toronto tarmac. We were totally happy.

Shout out to the Finn cousins who took care of us and gave us a fitness challenge for 2014.

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