Staycation Summer 2014 – FLASHBACK 

Well, we knew the travel ride couldn’t last forever. This Fourth of July, Pat and I went to PA … Pennsylvania. Yes … our home. We left work early and raced home just in time to spend evenings at home with each other and our new live-in, Chris. Our nephew spent some summer with us, and we tried a new life.

We made an honest attempt at schedules and chores and accountability. We had shower schedules and laundry schedules and do people really live this way? I bought foods I’d never thought I’d buy and bring home, like several boxes of Cinnamon Raisin Toast Crunch, OJ, cold cuts, American cheese. We enjoyed many evenings talking and exploring our thoughts instead of getting on planes. We grilled a lot, like an-All-American red-blooded family, that is up until that fateful Sunday when I set the grill on fire. (I only wanted roasted corn, Pat!! Forgive me!!) We tried backyard eating, that is until the thug squirrels ate our solar string lights and the hellion lightning storm that lasted 10mins struck down our little tent. It was admittedly an ugly tent, but we built it ourselves. Chris strung the little lights. How sad. Thankfully no one was impaled because those legs sure did climb into the air and get lodged in our fence.

Before the storm …


After the storm…


It was a pure treat to see Uncle Pat in action, and Chris has an amazing amount of humanity, the most I’ve ever seen. We did a little extra work, we ALL did a little extra work; however, what we gained in retrospect was even greater.


A Sunday outing with Chris … Come back any time!

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