Jones-ing in the A

Oh boy!! Yesterday charts the end of a brief period of revelry, rapid-fire decision-making, and intense family and friend time. Yesterday my sister got married to my new brother. Today starts their first day of a lifetime of revelry, rapid-fire decision-making, and intense family and friend time. 

Tyeise and Daryl, 

Pat and I wish you the best that life has for you and the courage to be good friends and partners and lovers. We look forward to being two of the people on your journey. 

What a lovely journey for me thus far … a bridal shower in Atlanta, 


several hours, days, minutes poring over details about bachelorette festivities and bridal shower #2 in Chicago at an end. Many laughs, hilarity, dance-offs, monkey onsies, tearful heartfelt tributes …





And then we got to the wedding weekend, and all was a blur … A very involved rehearsal followed by loving tributes and Grandmothers oh so special … and a birthday lemon cake shipped specially from Daisy Cakes in Durham, NC for Pat’s birthday. Quite frankly one of the best cakes with lemon cream cheese frosting that ever was made. As evidenced by the speed and ferocity with which it was attacked by the crowd. Thank you Pat for sharing your special day with the Jones’. 



Then came T-day! There were hairdooos and make-upsss and personalized robes and pictures and laughs … so many laughs … oh so many laughs. 




The actual wedding is a blur, balancing on a step in 3″+ heels, praying for the lovely couple and my capacity to stay upright. “Jesus take the wheel!”



Professional pictures here:

Oh so stunning! T was absolutely stunning and Daryl just cheesed and line danced all night. Love those two …

And last but not least, there was cake. We all missed the wedding cake unfortunately so I kept saying I would settle for a late-night Sprinkles atm run. Pat says “no” at 11PM after I’d probably asked a 3rd time. So, disappointed, I moved on to the wedding after-party in suite 1922. Minutes later Pat returns to the Ritz with Sprinkles in hand. He’d already bought them hours before. Love this man. 


And so we come to the end of my Jonesing in the A. 

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