It’s Fall. We should finally publish our last summer posts. We were hoping that summer wouldn’t end as long as we had something else to say. Father Time doesn’t work that way though. Our last days of Philly summer fun were spent with friends and family. One especially lovely weekday (yes weekday!) I took my […]

Good friends, great dialogue, homemade food. Thank you to our lovely friends for visiting us and gracing our dining table. Special thanks to Erin and AJ for sharing the dining ware out of their kitchen to ensure we could have a classy dinner! Clearly we’re trying to do big things without enough plates for 6 […]

Tonight’s date night was free and yummy! We like bang for our buck, but it’s been a while since I’ve searched for the gems. There was a time when I would find all types of treats at no cost. My favorite treat of olden NYC folklore was the three course free lunch at the French […]