Good friends, great dialogue, homemade food. Thank you to our lovely friends for visiting us and gracing our dining table.

Special thanks to Erin and AJ for sharing the dining ware out of their kitchen to ensure we could have a classy dinner! Clearly we’re trying to do big things without enough plates for 6 people. Another special thanks to Angel and Warrick for giving us their entire evening in Philly and telling us about how awesome black marriage is.

I made a few things including a kale salad with homemade dressing, kidney beans with tomatoes and herbs, brown rice and for dessert – butter cake with berries. We stole the smoked chicken from the family reunion. LOL. I would normally think this a tacky move, but the first thing people praised was the chicken I didn’t even make. Sheesh!! LOL!! Glad to have delicious leftovers!!

This one picture sums up how excited I was about the company. Who doesn’t love broiled corn?!?



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