Zsa’s Ice Cream Truck

It’s Fall. We should finally publish our last summer posts. We were hoping that summer wouldn’t end as long as we had something else to say. Father Time doesn’t work that way though.

Our last days of Philly summer fun were spent with friends and family. One especially lovely weekday (yes weekday!) I took my little cuzzo to the Philly Zoo. We were celebrating the day of her birth. We visited Pat at his job which is always a treat for little people. While eating lunch I glanced at FB, voyeur addict that I am and saw that Zsa’s Ice Cream was at Love Park. Their last day of summer in fact. I had resisted the urge to get my face painted with her, but I ran that child over to Love Park post haste.

I bought us one delish chocolate chip oatmeal cookie vanilla ice cream sandwich. At $4 and something the size of my feminine palm, I thought I might be unhappy. Even though Pat and I loved their salted caramel on the day of our “Chemistry in Ice Cream” post, been dreaming of the day when we’d meet again, even offered to scoop ice cream on the truck for free (they couldn’t use me), I really didn’t want vanilla.

But oh my … Arlene and I fought each other like voracious animals for our treat while she kept asking me to dunk herself in the fountain. No, Arlene, your mother will not appreciate me letting you swim in the filthy pool. In between her incessant negotiating to put in one foot, she said “I really taste the oatmeal.” I really heart you kid! Pat licked his fingers clean and oohed and ahhhed.

The cookie was crisp and soft. A lot of oatmeal and spices. The vanilla was silky and full. The cream dribbling out the sides of our sandwiches and down our arms. The chips!!! Not the usual plastic chocolate chip others use … instead smooth and deep like a truffle. The bitterness balanced with the sweetness of the cream and cookie.

Zsa’s last day at Love Park. We’re glad we caught it. We’ll scout Zsa’s again.

Later that night Arlene’s mom passed me a homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwich for a day’s hard work playing with Arlene. Watch out Zsa’s!!


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