Yumminess at the Family Reunion

On August 4, the family hosted a reunion in Dundalk, MD in honor of three sisters – Anna, Agnes, and Teresa – great-great grandmothers.

Pat and I had been working on the planning committee for nine months so we were happy to finally see the day.

The day was rainy and abnormally cold, but the company was great and the food was delicious and overflowing. T-shirts, prizes, speeches, knick-knacks, picture taking – it was a wonderful time.

We ended up having the day catered and thank goodness. Food Highlights include Renee’s bundt cake with lemon icing and her smoked chicken. Before the event was even halfway over, people had those two items packed up, and if you hadn’t gotten a taste, oh well. It was that kind of party.

Here are some shots of us just being us.





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