The inspiration

I’ve loved ice cream and cupcakes since the beginning of time. And I’ve eaten my fair share of both. In my adult life I’ve become something of a connoisseur. Prompted by my fiancée’s addiction.

Today I just felt like I had something to say. We made a visit to Cupcake Royale in Seattle, Washington’s Pike’s Market vicinity. How did we get there!?! We saw someone happily slurping and engaged. A place with BOTH cupcakes and ice cream!?! What luck!!

Well the verdict is still out on the cupcakes because we haven’t eaten them yet, but the ice cream …. fell a bit flat … after so much promise. Their marketing team is making all the right moves … great flavor combo names, store colors, and staff energy. The flavors, however, were reminiscent of B&J (Ben & Jerry’s, ask someone if you don’t know). Bananas on the Rum = Bananza. I mean Bananza has some brownies, but I’m not tricked. Of the 5 flavors that we sampled: Texture was creamy, very solid. Colors were natural, thank God. Tasted fine. But nothing new, and by golly we’ve had better.

Jeni’s from Ohio is still rocking our #1 hot spot.

Let’s hope these cakes offer something exciting.


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